Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Signature Dog Blog: Please Take a Moment to Think About "Giving Tuesday"

In the spirit of Giving Tuesday and seeing as December is a time for kindness and for giving, I thought I would list four very deserving adoption/rescue groups that could sure use your help this holiday season.  If you have an extra $10 or $25, every bit helps.  

Here are the four groups, in no particular order but all very important to me and close to my heart.

Head to Doberman Rescue Ontario to learn about sweet Finn and how you can help!

Meet Finn on Facebook

The Doberman Rescue Ontario group helps unwanted, neglected or abandoned Dobermans have a real second chance at the life that they deserve. Like Finn pictured above. This amazing Doberman rescue group in Ontario, Canada takes in about 100 Dobermans a year.  Wow!  Check out their beautiful Dobermans available for adoption and their fun on-line facebook auction.  

Team Inch rescues Sight hounds from the South Korean meat markets and city pound and gets them to North America for their forever homes. Check out their happy ending stories, they will warm your heart.

Team Inch Sighthound Rescue

This is the very painfully skinny Angie from Alabama who became my very own lovely Sabrina 💗 from Vancouver Island, BC. Pictured here at Greyhound Pets Inc. (known as GPI) in Washington, on her first day, during her first stuffie encounter, ever. Sabrina turned out to be a most amazing creature, lovely, funny, sweet.  And, she has put on a good 10lbs already.  

Sabrina at GPI (Adoption Group where Sabrina came from)

Sabrina now

Minnesota Doberman Rescue (MDR) who saves and supports unwanted Dobermans and their pups. These two little ones named Drogon and Theon are survivors of Parvo. Good luck little ones. And these two lucky puppies have grown into stunning Dobermans.

MDR Facebook

I hope you can find it in your heart to help out one or two or all of these very noble groups.  

Spread the word, share their story, help if you can.

Volunteer, foster, adopt or just keep them in your heart. It all helps.  

Every little bit of kindness helps.

Thank you everyone for your kindness and support!

Merry Christmas!

Lee and Sabrina 💝

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