Friday, October 25, 2019

Signature Dog Blog: Signature Pet Services wishes you a Happy Halloween

Watch out for the grim reaper (AKA Roman) on Halloween Night...he may kiss you to death.  Although, one reader sent me an email that Roman looks more like he is dressed up as Ghandi ... and another said a ghost.  I think they are both right!

Halloween is a fun change in the daily routine for all family members except pets. Pets don’t care for change and can become nervous and/or aggressive with the increased number of people and vehicles in their territories. Add the potentially hazardous mix of decorations and Halloween candy within the pet’s reach, and it could prove to be a fatal mix unless precautions are taken to keep pets safe on Halloween.

Pets allowed to remain loose on Halloween can be injured or cause injury. An unconfined pet may run out outside and into the path of oncoming traffic when the home’s door is opened to give trick or treaters candy. 

On the other hand, an unconfined pet (dogs specifically) may feel that children wearing Halloween costumes are territorial risks and bite a child. 

Black cats and Halloween go together, which makes black cats at high risk for being stolen from their owners on Halloween.

Happy Halloween everyone and keep those pets inside!


Lee and Sabrina 👻

ps:  This post is for you Romie, I sure miss you and wish now that I had appreciated your gentle manner more.  

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