Thursday, September 19, 2019

Signature Dog Blog: Senior Doberman Project

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Did you know there are special needs senior Dobermans in need?

There is nothing to compare to the dignity of a senior male Doberman.  And, those who through very unfortunate circumstances, have ended up in rescue, retain that dignity as they await adoption into a final loving home.  

Their final loving home.

A chance for kisses and cuddles, soft bed and stuffed toys.  Maybe a dog brother or sister to walk with.  

To go to sleep with kindness and wake up with kindness.

Just a place to rest their head and to be loved just once. 

Just once.

Their last chance, last time, last hope.  

Before the crossing of the Rainbow Bridge.

At the Senior Doberman Project, from Alabama to Texas they currently have too many Senior Dobermans in rescue for me to count (I kept crying when I was counting) 30 of those are senior male Dobermans. THIRTY!

The goal of this blog is to bring some awareness to these senior Doberman gentleman who are in the direst need of homes.  

Dire need.  

If you can sponsor, donate or foster that would be great!

If not, could you spread the word about these senior gentlemen to anyone you know who may be able to help?

If you can, and this is really important, just hold one of these senior gentlemen in your heart? 

For just for a minute and wish them good luck, love and kindness. 

Perhaps say a little prayer for one more chance.

If you can help or just want to read about the Senior Doberman Project, here is their contact information:

Senior Doberman Project 

Sabrina and I will say a special little prayer for you tonite.  

Sleep well Sweet Dobies!

Lee and Sabrina 💔

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