Thursday, August 22, 2019

Signature Dog Blog: Unique Wedding Gift Idea for New Pup Parent's Wedding

Pretty Puppy Wedding Basket

Have you been invited to the wedding of a couple this fall who has everything, including a puppy?

Have they been registered, but you just don't want to be a wedding gift sheep?🐑🐏

Do you know that anyone with a dog, still needs stuff, especially if it is a puppy?

The basket pictured above is perfect for new puppy parents getting married.  I actually made this one for a little girlie puppy.

Here is what you can put into a basket for a super fun wedding gift, that most likely, no promises, no one else will think of.

1.  Bottle of wine with dog motif  (very important) 

1. (alt) Excellent organic coffee and two dog themed mugs

2.  Dog collar and matching 6 foot leash

3.  Bottle of puppy shampoo (preferably cruelty free or vegan)

4.  Puppy Kong or Puppy Cuz

5.  Training Treats

6.  $20 gift card (or more) for pet supply shop

7.  Puppy sitting or training gift certificate

8.  Biodegradable poo bags

9.  Puppy book for training help

10.  Brush or comb

Make this a fun thing for you to do.  

Be sure to put in a business card of an experienced pet sitter. 

I hope you enjoy making this fun basket!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and take care!

Lee and Sabrina 💗

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