Thursday, August 1, 2019

Signature Dog Blog: Move over Marie Kondo - Dog Closets for Real Life

Long before Marie Kondo/KonMari method and organizing and tidying became such a trendy topic that it became a best selling book subject and a hit show on Netflix, many of us were already tidy, neat and very organized.  

I don't know if, I learned that from parents or I just understood being tidy and organized was what everyone was.  As it turns out, not everyone is tidy, or organized.  That's OK for them.  For me, I will always remain highly organized, even when it comes to my dogs.

I can certainly appreciate that not everyone has an extra closet to turn into a dog closet, but if you do or you just have a cabinet it is a fun and helpful way to manage all your dog stuff.

On the right-hand side:

1.  Toys and treats on top shelf (and dog beer)

2.  Books and extras, like photos, decor and fun items

3.  House collars for tags and safety/night collars

4.  Canisters for food

5.  Baskets for towels, poo bags and first aid items 

On the left-hand side:

1.  Back-packs, blankets, training equipment

2.  Jackets, thunder jammies, leashes and harnesses

3.  Food, bowls, supplements

4.  Bin for medication and extra food and miscellaneous items  (for naughty or curious dogs, I recommend medication always to be contained in Mason jars for safety).

Before this closet was established, while still organized, there were dog items in the hallway, in the mudroom, at the foyer.  

Having everything in one place makes having a very busy life and a very busy pack a whole lot easier.

Marie Kondo, if you want to do a segment on organizing for dogs, call me.  lol

Lee and Sabrina 💗

ps:  Today's blog is dedicated to one of my most favourite clients - Jackson.  Miss you big guy! 

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