Sunday, June 23, 2019

Signature Dog Blog: Hot Dog? Chill out and Try Cooling Bandana!

Sabrina looking cool!

Sabrina, our amazing little firecracker of a Needlenose just celebrated her first milestone anniversary with us.  

We never thought, after 15 years of Dobermans that we would ever fall in love with another breed.  Well, Sabrina has quietly and politely crept into our two hearts. 💕

My sister sent Sabrina some wonderful presents to help celebrate her arrival and one of the presents is a Zephyr Cooling Bandana from RC Pets.

It is lightweight, very pretty and Sabrina has already tested it out.  

I don't follow the directions precisely.

What I do is I rinse the bandana in cool water.  

Ring it out.  

Then pop it into a plastic bag and toss into the fridge.  

As soon as we get home from our walk and I have checked Sabrina for fleas and ticks and given her a quick nose to tail examination I put the nice cool bandana on her.  She loves it.

Have a great summer and stay cool!

Lee and Sabrina 💗

Signature Pet Services is a by-appointment-only pet sitting company serving the very beautiful Saanich Peninsula in British Columbia. 

Monday, June 10, 2019

Signature Dog Blog: Questions to Ask Potential Pet Sitter

It seems everyday there are new types of pet sitters and new pet sitting directories.  Research indicates most of these pet sitting directories have been created through venture capitalists and call the Silicon Valley home.  Pricing is well below market and while the reviews of the sitters seem stellar, if you dig deep and look into these directories and review them, you can find some very disturbing reviews with regard to pet loss. I never know whether to trust reviews these days.  Good or bad.   

Two words.  Be careful.  OK, three words.  Be very careful.

So with that in mind, I have put together 10 questions for you to ask or discuss with your potential (or your existing) pet sitter.  Food for thought, at the very least.

There are no right or no wrong answers here.  It is up to you as the home owner and pet parent to decide, if the answers are good enough for you. And, for your pet.

1.  How much professional liability insurance do you carry?  It is OK to ask to see their policy.  After all, you are leaving your pet, your home and your finances in this person's hands.

2.  Have you had a claim?  They may have had a claim, it may have been something that was not their fault.  Ask them to tell you the story.  If you don't like the answer it is OK to end the interview right then and there.

3.  Are you bonded or can you be bonded?  The only answer here is yes.

4.  Have you ever made an error so great that you lost or injured a pet or damaged a home?  Ask them to tell you the story.  If you don't like the answer, again, it is OK to end the interview right then and there.

5.  What is your experience with dogs, cats, rabbits?  (Whatever applies to your pet)

6.  If you are hiring a dog walker, ask them what they would do if, when walking your dog, they were charged by a big, snarling, off leash dog.  

7.  If your dog will be transported by vehicle to walking sites, how long will he or she be left in a vehicle?  And, will he or she be protected from other dogs in the vehicle?

8.  What experience or training do you have in pet first aid? All pet sitters should have an idea what to do.  Most important though, for any pet sitter to understand is that Pet First Aid is not a replacement for veterinarian expertise and care 

9.  Do you have an extreme weather or emergency plan?

10.  Last but not least. And very important. Have you ever sub-contracted a pet sitting job to another pet sitter without the client's knowledge/permission?

There is a pet sitter for every pet and for every pet parent.  It is very important to find the right pet sitter for your comfort level and your peace of mind. Choosing the right pet sitter could also mean life or death for your pet. 

It is not just about the insurance or the experience.  It is also about the pet sitter's integrity, professionalism and genuine care for the safety of the pet. 

Are they a responsible person?

Can the pet sitter follow your instructions? 

Don't just consider an animal lover.  Hire a SMART professional pet sitter who is in the business of caring for pets to the very best of their ability, maintaining their reputation as a top pet sitter and making a good honest living doing so.  All while being an animal lover and advocate.

And, just don't rely on references and testimonials, that is the easy way out.  Ask the tough questions and see their insurance policy and ask about claim history.  You be the judge not someone you never met claiming this pet sitter is amazing.  Fake reviews are rampant.  Buyer Beware.

Safety First.  Always.  Love and Affection is important.  But, nothing ever is more important that the safety of a pet and a pet's home.

Lee and Sabrina 💗

Signature Pet Services is a by-appointment-only pet sitting company serving the very beautiful Saanich Peninsula in British Columbia. 

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Signature Dog Blog: Signature Pet Services Welcomes Sabrina the Ex-Racing Greyhound to our Pack!

My family is so thrilled and grateful to have been able to adopt the sweet and lovely Greyhound Sabrina.   She was previously Angie.  Angie from Alabama.   

Sabrina is an ex-racing Greyhound from Florida via Alabama.  Yes, that is correct.  After a grueling travel schedule that took Sabrina from Birmingham, Alabama to Seattle, Washington she travelled on from there to our home on the Saanich Peninsula in British Columbia.  

Sabrina has gone from living the life of a small Greyhound girlie in the not-so-nice world of American Greyhound racing to a warm and kind home, complete with a family devoted to her health and well-being. 

Sabrina is cute, funny, sweet, polite and clean and tidy as a cat.  Although it is safe to say, cats beware as this is a very fast ex-racing Greyhound who won 16 of her last 17 races. She will catch you as she probably tops out at 47 miles an hour.  Now that is fast!

Sabrina is a leaner and loves everyone.  And, I mean everyone!

She has already brought so much joy to our home and to our lives.  Sabrina has stolen our hearts and it is like she has lived with us for years, even though she just arrived.

If you are in need of a clean and tidy, sweet and smart dog, I highly recommend the Greyhound breed.  The best place to begin your search for either an ex-racing Grey or a rescued Grey is Greyhound Pets Inc.  They are located in the Seattle area of Washington. And, they are the real deal when it comes to Greyhound adoption services.  There are some links to them in my April posts that you will find helpful in getting to their website or their facebook page.  

And, Happy Birthday to me and what a greyt birthday gift Sabrina is!

Have a greyt day everyone!


Lee and Sabrina 💗

Signature Pet Services is a by-appointment-only pet sitting company serving the very beautiful Saanich Peninsula in British Columbia.