Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Signature Dog Blog: Custom Dog Jammies Made By Meadowcat

Custom fleeces for large dogs, made by hand and with love in Minnesota, USA.  They are made by owner and designer Nicole Wheatley of Made by Meadowcat.  That statement simply does not say enough.

These fleeces are beautiful, flawless and soft and they fit to  perfection.  Of course they do, they are custom made by an artisan.

An easy to follow measuring guide is provided, you get to pick your perfect fleece and within a couple of weeks you get a very special gift for your very special pooch.  

I am an authority of these custom fleeces, we actually call them jammies in our house. There are many pairs of Made by Meadowcat jammies here.

Nicole's coordinates:  made by meadowcat facebook page

And of course here come the photos of her beautiful creations.  The model is pretty handsome too, Chase my beloved Doberman boy.

Chase in brand new Minions

Favourite green dragon and favourite green jammies

Our Mr Incredible

And, a very special thank you to Made by Meadowcat for sending these little bundles of soft fleece and joy during a very stressful and sad time when we were trying to save the life of our dear boy Chase.  They were a great comfort to him and he wore his special spaceman jammies on the day he travelled to the Rainbow Bridge to be with Roman and Madeline.  

Chase loved his custom jammies and I will always remember that about him.  How he loved to wear them and hated to take them off.  "Jammies" a magic word in our house.  Two words made Chase come to us faster than a speeding bullet - his name being called and the word Jammies.  

He was our Mr incredible and we loved him no matter what.

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