Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Signature Dog Blog: Lee Wyllie Shares a Love Story

Lee Wyllie and Madeline

Madeline by my Side  (RIP Madeline May 4, 2015)

Madeline (a beautiful black and rust purebred Doberman Pinscher) is a near-perfect dog and if there is a god I thank him everyday for her. Madeline came to my husband and I on a very hot humid August long weekend in 2005. We drove to Oregon in the US to pick her up – she was just a tiny puppy. In fact, Madeline was the tiniest puppy of her litter. We don’t like to call her the runt – but she was in fact the runt. But she was a friendly, bright and outgoing puppy who seemed to have the very best temperament of all the puppies in her litter – which is very important in a Doberman Pinscher. She was assessed by a group of experienced Doberman breeders from both the US and Canada and she was the pick of the litter. Lucky for us she was small and that is why we were able to purchase her as she was not going to be a top show dog in the US.

Madeline and I have been through a lot together. At first, our personalities really clashed (just ask my husband) but slowly she began to trust me and I her. Today, the love I feel for her is very strong and yes some days when she is on the naughty list not so much and vice versa for her I am sure.

She has been with me through thick and thin. 

She was there the morning I was struck down in a cross walk on my way to catch my bus to work in the city. In fact, she was nearly struck too. You see my husband had her leashed and in front of me in the crosswalk and when some woman struck me and tossed me up onto her hood and kept driving … she just missed Madeline. That day I thought I was going to die – I even saw bright lights – some say I had a near-death experience. Once I was tossed off the moving vehicle and dragged myself to the curb it was Madeline who came to me and I hugged and clung to while I sat in shock awaiting my husband to call the emergency crews. It took along time for my memories to gel from that day but I do remember the firefighters at the scene asking me “was she friendly?” as I was literally hanging onto her for dear life.

Madeline was also there for me in my previous career highs and my lows. She was there for the disappointments with friends and decisions I made. She was there for my all triumphs…all my losses. Always listening – never giving advice. In fact, Madeline is the inspiration for my Signature Pet Services' logo as that is her actual silhouette in my logo. What a dog!

I can and do take Madeline with me everywhere. She is good in big cities, five-star hotels, elevators, airports, cars, the bus (yes, once my old bus driver picked her and I up and drove us home) and with people and all animals (including wildlife). One day while we were out, Madeline alerted me to a dying Canada Goose who must have been nesting (as all her eggs were crushed) when a loader stacked several pallets of stone against her, pinning her and her nest of eggs against a chain-link fence. She had been there so long she was so faded that she was the colour of the stone (tan and grey) and she'd been obviously attacked by several predators too! Poor girl and she could do nothing but sit there. We quickly got help for the goose and the owners of the construction yard moved the stones and pallets away so she could be helped and taken to a bird rehabilitation centre. 

That goose has Madeline to thank for saving her life!

Madeline is fun, super smart, friendly, athletic, aloof, calm, quiet, brave, powerful, sensitive, obedient and a diva all rolled up into one stunningly beautiful dog. I like to say that if she was a human, she'd be a black-belt karate expert (ha-ha)!

I treat Madeline like a dog – because she is one and that is why she is so happy, content and so special. I do not give her baby names or talk to her in a baby-voice. She is not allowed on the furniture, to eat from/at the table or anything else human-like. She is walked almost everyday, goes to obedience class, has the occasional job of a TV production, goes to the dog park and loves to play at the beach.

If you see Madeline and I, she is the one by my side!

This is an encore post, thank you for indulging me with this previously published post.