Monday, July 13, 2015


Just in time for an EARLY garden harvest time...

Does your dog or pup need a little extra fibre and moisture in her diet - without the calories? 

Do you need a wholesome and inexpensive treat for your dog after her walk? 

Experiencing itchy skin caused from corn or wheat treats? If so, the Zucchini Pups may be the perfect treat for you and your dog or pup. 

Super easy, pick up a zucchini at your local market or if you are lucky, from your own garden. Try to go small and just get one the first time, in the event your dog or pup does not love the zucchini. Sometimes, the texture is simply weird for them and they need some time to get used to it. 

Always purchase organic whenever possible, wash well, you can leave the outer peel on or remove it. I like to make my treats with the skin on for a little extra fibre (it is also faster). 

Cut the zucchini into little medallions and store in the fridge. 

Great for treats, a fabulous natural pill pocket (without the nasty chemicals), or serve one or two on top of their breakfast or dinner (Which is what I do for Roman). 

It is important to note, if you have a kitty and/or a horse - it is of course safe for them to share in the zucchini.  The ASPCA states on their website that zucchini are non-toxic to dogs, cats and horses - so make a batch of zucchini pups and share with everyone!  

This is our final post - we have enjoyed having you follow us from all over the world!  We feel very honoured.

And, a very special shout out to the bulk of our loyal followers who hail from the USA, South Korea, Russia and Germany.  

Lots of luv and have a wonderful summertime! 

Lee, Roman and Madeline RIP (our little Dobie Angel)