Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Signature Dog Blog: Easy Travel Tips for your Dog

Dog aboard Virgin Australia (courtesy Huff Post)

Do your homework and reserve well ahead of time to ensure hassle-free accommodations and transportation.  This could include ferry, hotel, airlines, customs and border crossings and even on-site doggie programs at your destination.  

Pack a familiar blanket, bed and toy so your dog feels at home wherever he is.

Bring food and treats from home to avoid any changes in diet that would upset your dog’s tummy. Always a good Idea to have extra water on hand and a container of pumpkin (if that helps settle your dog's tummy).

If you are travelling out of Canada, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to check that country’s laws regarding dog food.  For example, you cannot bring most dog foods across the US border and sometimes it can be difficult to locate your specific type of food.  Currently, there is no problem bringing salmon dog food across. Do your homework!

Vaccines – usually it is just rabies – but be sure to do your homework on this.  If you have to get a rabies vaccine for your dog it usually has to be done much in advance of crossing the border to return home to Canada so do not leave to the last minute.  

These days almost all motels, resorts and hotels are dog friendly but usually do not allow unattended dogs – and offer pet sitters (by arrangement) to assist you.  If you have quiet dogs – you can simply put them in their crates that way they stay safe and comfortable.  Four Seasons Hotels do not charge a pet fee and Fairmont Hotels charge $25 per dog. Neither of these hotels currently have size or weight restrictions. Always a good idea to ask for a pet policy in writing, so you know where you stand.

Make sure your dog has his collar with tags on at all times and it is a good idea to microchip before your trip.  Take a picture of your dog and have handy this photo, with microchip information, just in case.

Daring young dog in his flying machine  (courtesy Cap'n Aux's Blog)

If you plan to book your pet travel with Air Canada - please ensure you google them or read the latest about Air Canada and its treatment of pets. I've provided the link below.  

Air Canada Pet Article

Happy travels!!!