Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Signature Dog Blog: Buddy Biscuit Review

I usually bake my own goodies for my dogs and for clients but in the real world - there is more often than not enough time to bake for your dog.  

I recently found these cute dog cookies on a trip to Victoria on Vancouver Island.  The company who makes the cookies is cloud star and the brand is Buddy Biscuits.  While they are not made in Canada, they are however, made in the USA.  I find these days it is increasingly difficult to purchase something decent for your dog that is made in Canada or North America for that matter.  I like to hope that we have better standards than other countries and for that reason - I do not purchase dog items unless they are made in Canada or the USA.   

So, if you are looking for some cute dog cookies that are not too expensive - a box is about $7.00 plus tax - then I would check out cloud star's Buddy Biscuits.  The ingredients are simple, some whole wheat flour, peanut butter, oil and (I believe) Vitamin E. The fibre and protein content are pretty good too.  

These cookies would make a great gift, i.e.:  you could re-package with cellophane/parchment paper and ribbon for a inexpensive holiday or birthday gift or even give the box. 

Remember a treat is a treat, so feed accordingly.  One or two a day at most.  But best kept for after training, after ear cleaning, toe trimming etc.  Treats are not to be part of your dog's meal - think of them as a dessert.

Have a great day!

Lee, Roman and Madeline

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