Saturday, October 18, 2014

Signature Dog Blog: Signature Pet Services: Keep your Indoor Cat Happy

Kitties love to play hide and seek in paper bags

Play with your indoor cat every day.  Research shows play and socialization help prevent behaviour problems that can sometimes develop in in-door cats only.

Provide stable scratching posts in areas cats like to spend time. 

If your cat can benefit from catnip, sprinkle some on the scratching post to encourage her to investigate.  Cat nip does not have the same effect on all cats - so be sure to monitor.

Please do not de-claw your cat. De-clawing is a painful procedure that actually amputates part of the cat’s toe.  Often, de-clawed cats will develop negative behaviours such as inappropriate elimination and biting.

Cats enjoy lounging near a window to absorb the sunlight while watching the outdoors.  Place your cat tree near a window or allow your cat to lie on the back of any furniture near the window.

Kitties enjoy their own furniture

If your cat is a window gazer, consider placing a bird feeder near the window so she can watch the birds.  Just make sure it is high enough – to be out of the range of any outdoor cats.

Provide your cat with toys that appeal to the hunter in her.  Some suggestions include:  boiled wool balls, bells, felt toys, no strings, balls of paper, and puzzle boxes.  Hide treats around the house – and show your cat where to find them.

Boiled wool toys are a feline favourite

Consider adding a second cat to your household to provide your existing cat with company.  Be sure to introduce your new cat properly – so do your homework.  

Plant a little pot of cat grass or alfalfa for your cat to munch on.

And finally, this goes without saying…but clean the litter box every single day (even when you don’t want to).  Avoid covered litter boxes, if you can.

Possible Signs of an Unhappy Cat:

Urination/defecation in your home

Bites or is aggressive

Excessive grooming and/or pulling out fur

Constant and noisy meowing

Meows at door – but does not use door when opened 

Sleeping and/or hiding

Obese or too thin

Dramatic increase or decrease in eating habits


Lee, Madeline and Roman

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