Monday, July 28, 2014

Signature Dog Blog: Signature Pet Services: Quick Tips Kids and Dog Safety

No matter how experienced a child is with dogs or how well socialized a dog is - children should never be left alone with a dog.  What most people do not understand about dogs is that when a child is crying, screaming, running around or tormenting a dog the child can very easily and quickly become prey to a dog.

Here are the basic guidelines all parents should follow with their child or their child’s companion.  In other words, all kids need to know the following:

   Do not approach strange dogs, even if they are cute and little as it is often the little dogs that receive the least amount of socialization and are most prone to biting

   Always ask the person handling the dog – “Is it ok if I pet your dog?”  Respect their answer always.  

   If approached by a strange dog, stand still, remain calm, put your hands in your pockets/armpits and do not stare at the dog.  Ever!

   If chased by a dog, do not scream or run, but stop, curl up in a ball and cover face and ears.  

   Do not stare at a dog, put your face in a dog’s face, kiss a dog or put your hands on his head or cover up his eyes.  I don't know how many times I have seen this behaviour (usually by adults and just last week) but it needs a friendly reminder for kids. Do not stick your fingers or hand into the face of a dog you do not know.  If you do so, you will be invading the dog's space and he will likely be threatened by you (especially if he is a small or a young dog).    

  Do not bug dogs when they are eating (including a bone), sleeping or taking care of their puppies.

  Do not hug dogs, climb or ride them, pull ears or in general tease dogs.

   If a dog is playing with a toy or holding a toy and you want to play with the dog – do not do so unless the handler of the dog says it is ok!  



    Lee, Roman and Madeline

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