Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Signature Dog Blog - Happy Birthday Madeline!

Happy Birthday Madeline you still look great at 8!

My family recently went on a mini getaway to Victoria on Vancouver Island. 

The reason for the trip? 

Why else but to celebrate my beloved dog, Madeline's, 8th birthday. 

Madeline is my beautiful black and rust Doberman Pinscher.  I know that I have blogged about her before and how wonderful she is but I cannot help myself and it is after all her birthday and a celebration of her life with my family.

Before we headed to the BC Ferries for our passage to Vancouver Island, we dropped Roman (our other Doberman Pinscher) off at his vacation home.  Well, it is really where he goes when we go away so that we can have a vacation from him.  We love you Roman!!  So once Roman is safely delivered to his weekend getaway (where he will have a blast without the three of us) we are off to the ferry terminal to wait in line. 

The weather is pretty good, no rain and no wind - no cancellations yay!  We board the ferry (with a reservation always when travelling with a dog) and stay on the car deck with our vehicle and Madeline.  For some weird reason, we decide it is a good time to discuss all the BC Ferry disasters that have happened in the past 30 years (yes, there have been quite a few and sadly with both human and animal fatalities and one very personal loss both near and dear to my heart) and once we have exhausted that topic  - we decide that we are going to get Madeline a doggie life jacket for her birthday, just in case.  I know you may think this is weird but if there is ever a BC Ferry disaster - remember that your beloved dog will not be allowed up on the deck for safety, if you know what I mean! 

Finally, we arrive on the island and we make our way to our hotel.  We have booked the historical Fairmont Empress for our weekend away and we cannot wait to be pampered and order room service and RELAX.  I love the Fairmont Empress in Victoria - she is the grand old dame of the Victoria hotels.  When we arrive we use the valet for our car and the porter unloads our bags including Madeline's Canine Camper travel crate.  Instantly, Madeline attracts attention and the porter and valet gush over her and offer her treats.  She accepts the treats and shows them a few tricks.  While we are checking in, Madeline politely waits at the front desk area with us.  She is excited and knows there is fun stuff coming her way.  Smart dog! 

After we have checked in, we head up to our room (on the doggie floor) with our very kind and helpful porter.  Madeline has taken a shine to him (and to pretty much every staff member she met that weekend).  The hotel had arranged a wonderful array of bowls, bottled water, treats and a doggie bed all for her arrival.  I am sure Madeline thought she was in doggie heaven. After some water and treats, we quickly unpack and head out to explore the hotel's historic and gorgeous public spaces with Madeline.  Even though dogs are permitted at the Fairmont Empress (there is a size restriction - so do ask when booking) Madeline does cause quite a stir.  Not only is she stunning but she is super friendly and wants to meet everyone.  She continues to attract alot of attention, all positive of course. I must admit it is fun to garner such attention - even if it is all about my dog.   It seems everyone wants to meet her and they do.  She is a perfect ambassador for the Doberman Pinscher breed.  Well done baby girl!

We spend most of the weekend walking and hanging out with Madeline. It seemed everywhere we went with her, she attracted a small audience.  I guess the Doberman Pinscher breed is a rare site in Victoria. My favourite part of the weekend was when each morning her and I would get up early and head to the hotel lobby for a coffee and then spend quiet time reading or exploring the hotel.  The staff we encountered seemed to always have a cookie for her and no one seemed to mind that her and I were exploring. 

We had a wonderful weekend and we were all sad to leave the Fairmont Empress.  We had so much fun there and Madeline was treated like a doggie rock star.  

What a wonderful way to spend ones birthday!

Happy Birthday Madeline!