Friday, April 5, 2013

Signature Dog Blog: Signature Pet Services Madeline tries out for a TV spot

Madeline who is on the right -  taking a quick break between her scene on set of Human Target

Madeline our resident TV star recently had the honour of being referred to star in an upcoming television series (again).  Once she was referred to the animal casting agent (if you will) she was then required to submit a series of photographs as part of the selection process.  Once that step was completed the next step for her was for her and I to meet the trainer who would be working with her before filming starts and 'on-set'.  The arrangements were made for the trainer to come to our home to meet with Madeline.  Of course, right away Madeline fell in love with the trainer whose name was Dana Dube. When it came time for the photographs to be taken of Madeline, she posed like a professional over and over again for Dana.  I could not believe how amazing Madeline was.  Typically, when I photograph her she looks at the ceiling and not the camera.  Well Dana was truly gifted with Madeline as each picture Madeline was right on the money.  The role that Madeline was to play was a female Doberman Pinscher who loved belly rubs.  Turns out that is Madeline's favourite pastime and she let Dana rub her belly immediately. 

Unfortunately, the double for Madeline who would be performing  the stunt-type role in the TV show was a very large male and already cast so Madeline did not get the part.  You see Madeline is a very dainty Doberman coming in at only about 56 pounds.  

She is still a star in our home and even though she did not get the part this time, I know she loved meeting and interacting with Dana Dube from Animal Insight. 

For more information about Dana and Animal Insight, here is their  

The website is really fun and interesting and you can check out their current stars and all the movies and TV shows they worked on. 

That's a wrap!

Lee, Madeline and Roman

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