Monday, June 18, 2012

Signature Dog Blog: Signature Pet Services - Good Things Come in Small Packages

Meet Miss Maggie

Roman (of course is not a small dog) and cute and shy Nibbles

Yogi diggin' the summer sun

Kimber (one of the star boarders)

the always fabulous Bella

Banks and his fun blanket...Madeline loved him

Perfect Lacey

Miss Maggie (all grown up)

Roman and Kimber (his favourite)

Molly AKA the Mollinator

Zoe sporting her doggie updo

Welcome to Signature Pet Services' in-home-boarding service.  Where we welcome all good dogs in all shapes and sizes.  We especially enjoy the little dogs - provided of course that they get along with both medium and larger sized dogs.

This very special in-home boarding service is only available for VERY well behaved dogs who are at least one year of age, 100% healthy and disease free (that includes skin conditions), fully house-trained, non-aggressive, extremely well socialized around all sizes of dogs, non-destructive and who do not suffer from separation anxiety. This is not an on-site kennel or a house that keeps dogs in a special room but a loving, comfortable, environmentally friendly (only green products are ever used) and safe home with a fully fenced and 100% chemical free back yard that is very close to excellent trails and great parks. Your dog would stay with my family and my two dogs and share in all our regular dog activities like dog walks and hikes. If you would like services such as, nail trimming, daily brushing, ear and eye cleaning or a doggy wash using organic shampoos - please ask about these services at the time of your booking.

Sometimes, puppies are accepted provided they are both house trained and crate trained.  Each puppy is different - so if you think your puppy fits all the regular requirements (except for age) then please ask about possible in-home-boarding.  One of my best guests is in fact a puppy....but she is a very good puppy.

Have a safe and happy summer everyone -  it is just around the corner.  See you back here at my Signature Dog Blog in the early fall.  Woof!

Lee, Madeline and Roman