Monday, May 21, 2012

Signature Dog Blog: Signature Pet Services - Kitty Corner

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Signature Dog Blog: Signature Pet Services - Happy Birthday Madeline!

Madeline at the take-out window

This month, my beloved Madeline (AKA Caryola's Tiny Dancer of Manorie, AKC,CKC) turns seven-years-old. Although Madeline is now considered a senior dog - she does not look a day over two-years-old. She's starting to get a little grey around her muzzle and under her beautiful almond eyes. And, she is slowing down a bit in her exercise requirements but she is always up for fun, a bit of trouble-making, a good three mile run, a cuddle and (of course) protecting our home and the neighbourhood where we live.

However, where Madeline truly shines is with the Signature Pet Services' boarding dogs who are a bit shy, insecure or the younger dogs who simply do not know how to behave. She is calm, kind, gentle and comforts when needed and teaches when required. And, she happily greets the regular and returning Signature Pet Services' boarding dogs when they arrive - it seems Madeline never forgets anyone. She can be trusted in any situation by always following my lead and is an excellent ambassador for her breed.

Very recently, Madeline's training, socialization and breed qualities were put to a test when she met (a potential client) who was also a Doberman Pinscher who came at her straight on and growled at her.  This is of course, was after the dog growled at me when I entered the owner's home.  This growling behaviour is not a correct Doberman Pinscher trait and would be considered a serious flaw in the dog.  I am happy to report that Madeline acted appropriately and ignored the bad behaviour and looked to me for direction.  Needless to say, this other Doberman Pinscher is neither a very good example of a well bred and well socialized Doberman but also is not acceptable for Signature Pet Services - pursuant to our policies.  Growling in my book - IS NOT a greeting but a warning.  Yes...sometimes a harmless warning - sometimes not.  Good job Madeline!

A true purebred Doberman Pinscher, Madeline is smart, affectionate, loyal, calm, obedient, beautiful, non-aggressive, well socialized and very friendly.

Happy birthday baby girl - we all love you!

Love Mom, Dad and Roman