Monday, April 9, 2012

Signature Dog Blog: Signature Pet Services - Roman Wins KISM's "My Dog Needs A Beer Contest"

Roman's picture is featured on Real Dober-man Beer

Recently, Roman was the winner of the "My Dog Needs a Beer" contest held by Brad and John (of the Brad and John Morning Show) at KISM Classic Rock (92.9 on your FM dial) radio station located in a beautiful residential area of Bellingham, Washington.  KISM was promoting a new dog-friendly non-alcohol beer product coming to the Pacific Northwest and was offering it as a prize to the best story of why a listener's dog would need a beer. Hence the title:  My Dog Needs a Beer.   The best part about the beer was that its label could be personalized with the winning dog's picture and renamed as well.  Anyone could enter and the contest ran about a week or so.  All kinds of dogs were entered - but I must say most of their stories were a bit lame.  For example, one listener said his Standard Poodle needs a beer because he has to wear booties in the owners house so he did not scratch the floor.  Really?  Poor dog!  Yes, really! 

Now ... backing up a little ... Roman had been quite ill (we think he had a toxic reaction to his worm medicine) and had been diagnosed by the veterinarian with a terminal prognosis.  (Yes, terminal we were told he would have two weeks to two months to live.)  I won't get into the details of the situation because it was so traumatic for our family and Roman - not to mention expensive for all the unnecessary drugs and I simply don't want to relive the experience.  To make a very long and sad story short - Roman no more had a fatal disease that I was the Queen of England. 

So while I was listening to my favourite radio morning show I heard about the station's "My Dog Needs a Beer" contest and even though I thought it was late and the contest might be over - I sent in my email entry shown below in its entirety. 

"Hey! I love your show and listen to you guys all the time. I live in British Columbia and your station is all I listen to. I know I am probably too late but I just got some great news for my dog Roman. Roman is a 93 lb Doberman Pinscher who had recently been diagnosed with a fatal liver disease with maybe two weeks to two months to live. Late yesterday, we got new test results that indicated there was a serious misdiagnosis and Roman is going to be fine. Now this dog as well as his family needs a beer!! Attached is a picture of this dog. "

Turns out this was the winning entry and story.  I was thrilled.  What a happy ending all around.  Not only did Roman win the contest and the dog beer - but I had the privilege of going live on the Brad and John Show on KISM to tell Roman's story and talk with Brad and John (who were so nice and fun!).  They even asked me about my business Signature Pet Services and let me plug it for free and share some stories with the listeners.  Our on-air time lasted over six minutes.  It was a total blast! 

We had to wait for Roman's prize to be shipped from the company who manufactures the dog beer in Arizona to the radio station's corporate offices because the company claimed they could not ship directly to our home in Canada.   Once the dog beer finally arrived at KISM, Keith, me and Madeline headed down to Bellingham on a road trip to pick up Roman's beer. And, what a great excuse to take half a day off work.  We left Roman at home as he was still not feeling himself as he had a hard time with the medication prescribed for the illness that he never had.  The border down south took about 30 minutes and we hit a bit of snowy weather but all in all the drive to Bellingham was a piece of cake.  We went directly to the radio station and took Madeline into the offices to meet the staff.  Everyone we met at the radio station's corporate offices were so nice to us and to Madeline.  We got our dog beer (and some other goodies) and off we went.  We made a brief stop at Fred Myers (Freddies to the locals) for some coffees and snacks (and purchased some wine of course).  Made another brief stop for some gas and off we went.  The return border crossing was a breeze - no wait and no arrests. Ha-ha! And, we even claimed our dog-beer, which the border agent said was fine to bring back.  In fact, he thought we were weird-os claiming dog beer.  But hey, better safe than sorry - I say.

We are all happy and relieved that Roman is now 100% and has made a full recovery from his terminal (mis)diagnosis.  Woof!

Lee, Madeline and Roman

PS:  Thanks again Brad and John - you are the coolest!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Signature Dog Blog: Happy Easter from Everyone at Signature Pet Services!

IMPORTANT Tips to Remember this Easter Holiday to Keep your Dog and Cat Safe

Healthy Treats: Chocolate and other sweets should not be given to dogs or cats. Chocolate contains theobromine, a chemical that can be deadly to cats and dogs, although not harmful to humans. The best thing you can do for your pets over the Easter holiday is to keep them on their regular diet. Look for a special dog or cat treat instead of giving them cookies or treats meant for humans.

Watch Little Toys and gifts that come in your child's Easter basket: Avoid purchasing toys with small or soft pieces that can be chewed and swallowed.  And, keep all Easter gifts and toys in a safe place away from your dog and cat. 

Company Coming?  Make sure that Spot gets his regular exercise or even an extra walk before your company arrives.  This is especially important for high-energy dogs or dogs that are anxious.  Tuck him away in your office or bedroom with his water bowl, his favourite toy and his bed (and, he will dream the night away chasing but not catching rabbits).  This will go along way to ensuring both your dog and you (and your guests) have a relaxing evening.  Don't forget to let him or her out for regular potty breaks - if you can't remember....set your timer and then have one of the kids take Spot out and then return him to his bed. 

We all love our dogs, but sometimes our family and friends simply want to visit with us and not our beloved dogs.  At our house, when we have guests, we let Roman and Madeline (and any well-behaved boarding dogs) meet our guests after they arrive and then we ask them to remain on their beds.  I know that even though I love dogs - when I get dressed up to go to someone's home for dinner I do not want dogs jumping on me in my nice clothes and drooling on me while I am trying to relax, eat dinner and enjoy my evening. 

Poisonous Plants/Flowers:  There are alot of beautiful plants and flowers that are often given as Easter gifts, including Lilies, Carnations and Bird of Paradise that are toxic to dogs.  For a complete list of plants and flowers that are toxic to dogs and cats - please visit the American Society for the Prevention for Cruelty to animals:

DON'T FORGET:  Surrey Museum has included animal-rescue groups in its Easter Fair on Saturday, April 7 from 1 - 4.  It is by donation.  For more information call 604-592-6956.  There will be many rescue groups on site and in particular check out Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy. 

 Have a safe and happy Easter Holiday!

Lee, Roman and Madeline...and the Easter Bunny.