Friday, September 9, 2011

Signature Dog Blog: Take your Dog to Whistler for some Great Hiking!

Hiking, sniffing, chasing, playing, eating....sleeping at the Four Seasons  (Priceless)

I spent this past Labour Day weekend in Whistler with my husband, my beloved Doberman Pinscher Madeline and one of my very special dog clients.  During the day we spent hiking the many trails of the Whistler area and I have to say it was both a memorable and wonderful experience for both humans and canines.  I had long since written Whistler off as it had become both notorious for price gouging and being a little rundown, however, upon my return to Whistler I was pleasantly surprised that it had been returned to its old glory and was offering great deals on mini-getaways.  We stayed at the Four Seasons at Whistler and we had an amazing time.  I know what you are thinking Four Seasons...very expensive.  Yes, it can be but if you watch their website they often have great deals going on, which they had this past Labour Day weekend.  Most importantly about the Four Seasons at Whistler is that they are very dog friendly, they provide beds, treats, bowls and even bottled water for dog guests.  Best of all they do not charge any extra for your dog.  So we brought two dogs along and it did not cost any extra.  Fantastic!  One of the things I loved early in the morning was getting up with the dogs and taking them out for their morning potty break.  The weather was cool and no one was around except for the friendly and helpful doorman.  After the dogs had finished their business I helped myself to the wonderful complimentary coffee provided in the Four Seasons' lobby and just hung out and read the paper, sipped my coffee while both dogs just relaxed.  While I do not have any exciting pictures of my trip, as you can see, I do have a picture of two very tired and content dogs relaxing in their suite at the Four Seasons - they had hiked all day, sniffed all kinds of animal scat, chased bugs, played and ate.  Pretty lucky dogs I would say.  I have provided some links that you may find helpful, if you are planning a trip to Whistler.  I highly recommend it and your dog will love it!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Lee and Madeline