Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Signature Dog Blog: Meet Lucy - A Most Beautiful Bloodhound Looking for her Forever Home!

Lucy is a 4-year old bloodhound. She has wrinkles! Lucy was pulled from her home where she received no exercise, and the humans she lived with did not have basic understanding about dog behaviour. They claimed that she never bonded with them and suffered from fear anxiety which finally led to her losing her home this month. Lucy had been moved around already in her short life, originally she was bred in the US, and now she has nowhere to go. She is currently being fostered and her temporary foster parents are looking for a suitable home for her.

Cheryl (one of her two foster parents) says that she could not be more impressed with Lucy. Read what Cheryl says about Lucy:

She's responded so beautifully to rules our boundaries and limitations, loves her walks and sleeps the rest of the time, and her anxiety is very minor. Lucy is obedient to us, submissive to our much smaller dogs and non reactive to dogs she meets in the forest and on walks. She is house trained, sleeps through the night and knows her place. Lucy has earned privileges very quickly and her crate is now open all the time, including overnight. She has bonded with all of us and really wants to play with our dogs, and she play-bows like a puppy at them. We have no doubt that Lucy's problems in her previous home were caused by human mismanagement, what else in new, and that in a home that subscribes to Cesar's way of dealing with dogs, she'll be very good and happy.

As good a fit as she is, we are unable to keep her here other than as a foster. As a rescue, we really need to hold that foster spot for the next Lucy. We want Lucy to find a great home, no kids, possibly with another dog, and with very dog savvy people. Lucy needs a home where her new owners will make her feel secure by being her alpha and will give her the exercise that every dog needs. Well placed in a dog savvy home, this is a wonderful dog. She typifies how simply changing the home and offering structure, leadership, rules and exercise can transform an unstable dog into a gentle companion.

If you can help this most beautiful bloodhound named Lucy, please contact Cheryl at C. Virtue

Good luck Lucy!